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Citizens Police Academy

The Powell Citizens Police Academy provides an opportunity for citizens to learn about the day-to-day operations of the Powell Police Department and how the department serves the community. It also gives the Police Department the opportunity to foster stronger relationships with the citizens they serve.

The Academy

The Citizens Police Academy does NOT train citizens to become police officers; rather it offers a curriculum that will educate you on the same topics that police officers receive while in the Police Academy. In this 11 week program there are a plethora of hands-on exercises and training scenarios to allow citizens a chance to implement some of the knowledge they gain. We offer a wide range of instructors including veteran officers, investigators, outside agency personnel and other trained professionals.


Criminal Law and Crime Prevention 

In this class we  go through a basic overview of common criminal laws effecting law enforcement.  We go over how to prevent crime from an  individual standpoint and as law enforcement. 

Traffic Stop and Patrol Procedures

Patrol is the most visible part of law enforcement. We go over traffic stop procedures, your rights as a citizen during a traffic stop and challenges that officers face during a traffic stop. Think you can make the cut? You get to participate in role-play scenarios to experience what officers face during a stop.

OVI (DUI) Enforcement

This is an in depth exploration into the world of intoxicated drivers. Learn what goes into field testing, stopping an intoxicated driver, the Ohio OVI laws, and the legal expectations officers must adhere to for a successful prosecution. 

Fire Department Tour and CPR Certification

We venture over to the Liberty Township Fire Department for this very informative class. We get an up close look at their equipment, learn of their job duties and trainings, learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher, and ways to prevent fires in your home. We conclude this class with everyone getting CPR certified!

Crime Scene Investigations

Join our detectives as we learn about how crime scenes are processed, materials used, and challenges detectives face. You are then introduced to some of the most notable cases that our detectives have processed here in Powell.  Try your hand at dusting for  and lifting fingerprints... it's not as easy as you may think.

Use of Force 

This is a hot topic in today's climate. We discuss what constitutes a use of force, how the law defines use of force, types of force, how law enforcement is trained to respond to resistance, and tools available to officers in the event that force is needed. Engage in a discussion and ask questions as we go through case studies.

Delaware Tactical Unit and Crisis Negotiation Team

Did you know that Delaware County has its own Tactical Unit (SWAT TEAM) and Negotiations Team? Learn about the team, their equipment, training, and vehicles. 

Drones and Firearm Safety

Learn about the PD Drone operators, types of drones we use, and situations that warrant their use.  In this class we will also learn about the firearms the department currently uses, fire arm safety, and use of weapons on the range.

Range Day

How good of a shot are you? We learn the proper way to handle guns at the range and shooting techniques for each type of gun.  This is a favorite of every class, no matter the experience level!

Participation Requirements

Citizens who live or work in the City of Powell will be given first preference. However, we encourage others with an interest in law enforcement to apply.

Please be aware that a criminal and driving background check will be conducted on each applicant. The Powell Police Department reserves the right to deny any applicant admittance.

The only requirement to graduate is to attend at least seven of the classes.


You made it! We will meet for a wrap up of the class, presenting all participants with a certificate of completion. Meet members of the Alumni to find out how you can continue to learn and participate as a support with the Powell Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association.

Optional: Ride Along 

Want to experience what it's like to be on patrol? Schedule a ride along with one of our officers! Learn our territory boundaries, how to run speed, and get an up close look at what community policing is all about!

Location and Cost

Classes are held at the Powell Police Department, in the Roll Call Room, located at 47 Hall Street. This class is offered free of cost to the applicants. 

Ready To Apply?

Click the button below or email Officer Audrey Wilt at

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